Nos Projects


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Nos Projects

Let us help Mapuche people in Patagonia. Let us support Salesianos Don Bosco/ Apoyemos a los mapuches en la Patagonia. Apoyemos a los Salesianos de Don Bosco.

Visit the webpage of Salesianos in Patagonia, Argentina:

Campaign for the Entry into Force of the UN Convention on Migrant Workers

Manual sobre Extranjeria en Espanol (Austria)

- Position concerning the Johannesburg Summit.


Our purpose is to develop ideas, projects, as to protect and defend internationally recognized human rights.To request any of our papers write to


Coordination of Macroeconomic Policies in Latin America [Disponible tambien en espanol]

Past violations of human rights: waiting for international justice?

Human Rights jurisprudence concerning the fight against terrorism.